PSC Signage Board Unveiling

25 May 2022. Since the devastation of TC Gita in early 2018, we had no choice but to relocate temporarily and await the completion of the renovations to our beloved Home Office. We finally returned home in July 2021 after a 3 year nomadic experience, moving from one building to another. When we had moved from Tungi Colonnade to the PTH Office Suite in July 2020, we could not take our signage board with us. Now that we have settled back in to our home, we have been working on the installation of our signage board.

We give full credit to Fililava ScreenPrinting for the ingenuity and working through the night to have our sign greet the people of Tonga early this morning. We are filled with pride as we walk through our front gate knowing that we identify with the Tonga Public Service Commission, now more than before. A big heartfelt “THANK YOU” goes out to Teo and the team for making this possible, this would not have been possible without you.

We are here to serve you and now it easier than ever to find the PSC Office. Come visit us now!!!!