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    The Public Service Commission was established on the 1st July, 2003 to implement public sector reform initiatives including Human Resource, Policy, Performance Management, Training and Remuneration.  A more efficient, effective, affordable, honest, transparent and a political Public Service, with a clear focus on priority needs, working both in the capital and across the rest of the country.  We have a strong commitment to improved performance and better able to deliver the required outputs of government to all people.

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    PSC Office

    The Public Service Act stipulates that the Public Service Commission shall appoint a Chief Executive Officer as Head of Department, who will provide support services to the Commission.

    The Commissioners

    The Public Service Commission is appointed by the Honourable Prime Minister with the consent of Cabinet.  the Commission comprises of five members, one of which is the Chairperson.

    Commissioners Function

    Principal Functions of the Public Service Commission.  Section 6 of the Public Service Act stipulates the following:
    “6 Principal Functions of the Commission”


    The Publications section comprises of the following, subitems: PSC Forms, Vacancies and FAQs

    Questions & Answers

    You will find the frequently asked questions and answers about PSC and it’s organisation.

    Contacts & Location

    There are various ways you can contact us or come into our office should you have any queries.

    Leadership & Program Administration

    Efficient, responsive, quality, high performing services to the Commissioners, PM, PSC staff and whole of government.


    Clear mechanisms and improved data collection to monitor, review and strengthen core functions, coordination and service delivery across the government machinery. 

    Performance Development

    Performance Based Systems established for developing, managing, and improvement of Public Service Performance.

    Human Resources Management

    An effective HR Management System is implemented with phased delegation in functions to line Ministries.

    Work Development

    Increased pool of competent, disciplined and qualified Public Service staff in key managerial and technical areas to improve efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.


    Fair, equitable and affordable remuneration and incentive framework is established to attract, retain and motivate public servants.

    Tonga Strategic Development Framework

    Office of the Public Service Commission's Corporate Plans

    Tonga Classification of Positions & Competency Framework (JD Development)