“Our purpose is to establish a fair, equitable and affordable remuneration and incentive framework to attract, retain and motivate Public Servants.” – refer to Results Map in PSC Corporate Plan 2022/23
The Remuneration Team exists to administer the approved Remuneration Framework for the Public Service which is aligned with the legal mandate of the Public Service Commission. Our focus is on upholding the principles of fairness and equity through developing clear job descriptions, undertaking job evaluation using benchmarks to recommend affordable rewards and incentives for the Public Service. We work closely with the Remuneration Authority to ensure the principles of the Remuneration Framework is applied consistently across both Schedule I and Schedule II Ministries.
This program is administered by the Deputy Secretary for Remuneration with the support of two (2) Senior Assistant Secretaries and two (2) Assistant Secretaries.
For general enquiries relating to job evaluation or re-evaluation of band size, please send an email to or call 74-00315.