Government of Tonga


Remuneration Division Output:

    This division exists to support a more efficient, effective, affordable, honest, transparent and apolitical public service focused on;

    “A fair, equitable, affordable and justifiable remuneration and incentive framework is established to attract, retain, and motivate public servants”

Remuneration Division Main Function:

    1.      Develop Policy Paper on Performance Rewards

    2.     Facilitate the Annual Performance Rewards Assessment (APRA) Working Group

    3.     Benchmarking of Positions / Banding

    4.    Job Sizing and Re-evaluation of positions

    5.     Adoption of the approved Competency Framework

    6.    Rollout of the new Job Description Template

    7.     Ongoing review of the Classification of Positions

    8.      Remuneration research and continually review current practices and policies to ensure best practices