Government of Tonga

The First of Many: Public Service Commission Recognizes Retiring Employees with 30+ Year of Service

On the 12 December, 2020 the Public Service Commission, in the first of its kind event, recognized 22 retiring public servants who have served in the Tongan Government for more than 30+ years. In attendance as Guest of Honor was the Honorable Prime Minister Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa as well as the CEOs of the ministries and Senior HR Managers, friends and family.

The 22 officers that were honored are government officers who will be retiring between December 2020 to January 20021. The officers were each presented by the Hon. Prime Minister with a Certificate of Recognition of Service for their dedicated services and long commitment to the Tongan Government and people A majority that were recognized are currently serving in the Ministry of Education and Training. There were also officers from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources and Ministry of Fisheries. This is the first formal event, and one of many to be held on a quarterly basis commencing next year.

The Public Service Commission, in previous years, has recognized employees for their service by issuing certificates and letters of appreciation. Recently in July 2020, the Public Service Commission also issued certificates to employees that passed away during service, this is presented to the families along with the employment biography.