Government of Tonga


Oversight Output:

Improved data collection and analytics to monitor, review, and strengthen core functions, coordination and service delivery and manage staff costs across the government machinery.


    1. Monitor and evaluate PSC outputs (Monitoring and Evaluation)           

        Results Intended:

      • M&E Quarterly Report (Matrix and Dashboard)
      • M&E Annual Report
      • M&E Activities (Compliance Report)
    1. Conduct Organizational Review of line Ministries
      • Partial Organisational Reviews (x10)
    1. Monitoring Public Service Staffing Cost
      • Staffing Cost Reports (Quarterly)

             a.) Update of Vacancies

             b.) Critical Position Submissions

      • Public Service Registry
    1. Stakeholder Communication and Engagement
      • Newsletters
      • Facebook
      • TV & Radio Programs
      • Roadshow
      • Surveys
    1. Improve Data Analysis and Analytics
      • Analysis of Workforce Data