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First PMS Sub-Committee for the 2016/17 FY

"Our minimum is Excellence"

The first PMS Sub-Committee for the 2016/17 financial year was held on Thursday 25 August, 2016 at the Tungi Colonnade Conference Room. This was attended by PMS Sub-Committee members across the 20 government ministries / agencies under the Public Service Commission. Apologies was received for MEIDECC and PMO. Key Agenda items discussed included the Rewards system, moderation process, PMS rating scale, Managing underperformance and the status check of Line Ministry monitoring and records management mechanisms. PMS Sub-Committee meetings are held on a bimonthly basis and is an opportunity for members to learn about the PMS status of line ministries and to share common ideas, gaps and best practices to help PMS implementation in line ministries. The Prisons Department and Police Department were invited to attend as observers in light of assistance that is to be provided to these two Departments in September, 2016. Sub-Committee meetings are held according to the PMS Work Calendar wwhich was distributed in July, 2016. The next subcommittee is scheduled for 27 October, 2016. 

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Second Remuneration Report - Update 1 (01 July 2016)

To view the Second Remuneration Report - Update 1 as of 01 July 2016,   please click here.  

PMS Article for July 2016

“Our Minimum is Excellence”

The month of July was a busy month for the PMS Division. This month was dedicated to providing quality assistance to relevant stakeholders to progress PMS Implementation (as directed by Cabinet) and facilitating an independent review of PMS.

Key Activities in the month of July:

  • PMS Review
  • PMS Trainings
  • PMS Random Interviews
  • Internal Divisional Planning 
  • Internal Capacity Building

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