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Mr. Simione Sefanaia (Chairman)

Mr. Sinilau Kolokihakaufisi  (Deputy Chairman)

Mr. Posesi Bloomfield (Commissioner)

Mr. Kaveinga Tuitahi (Commissioner)

Dr. Taniela Fusimalohi (Commissioner)

The Public Service Commission operates under the direction of the Hon Prime Minister, with policy directions implemented under the oversight of the Chairman of the Public Service, supported by five (5) Commissioners on a part time basis.   Mr. Simione Sefanaia was appointed to Chairman of the Commission on 10th February, 2020 and Mr. Sinilau Kolokihakaufisi was appointed to Deputy Chairman of the Commission on 16th March, 2020. During this FY2019/2020, Mr. Finau Tutone, Commissioner ceased his contract on 2019 and he was replaced by Mr. Taniela Fusimalohi who was appointed Commissioner on 10th February, 2020.


  • To appoint the Commissioners with the consent of Cabinet in accordance with due process.
  • To ensure that the Commssioners comply with the section 6 of the Public Service Act.
  • To  report to Cabinet on the activities of the Commission.

PUBLIC SERVICE ACT SECTION 6: "Principal functions of the Commission" The functions of the Commission are to:

  • Develop systems, standards and procedures for the continual performance improvement and performance management of the Public Service;
  • Consult with Chief Executive Officers in relation to the application of public employment policies in their respective Ministries;
  • Act as adviser to Government on the management of the Public Service;
  • Co-ordinate training, education and development programs regarding the Public Service in conjunction with Chief Executive Officers;
  • Consult with the Prime Minister on a regular basis regarding the performance of the Public Service;
  • Assist as appropriate Chief Executive Officers in evaluating the performance of employees employed in their Ministries;
  • Advise the Prime Minister on, and monitor the implementation of public employment policies;
  • Consult with Chief Executive Officers on the development of appropriate standards and programs of occupational health and safety;
  • Ensure that the Public Service upholds the Public Service Principles;
  • Conduct or cause to be conducted inquiries and investigations into, and reviews of, the management practices of Ministries;
  • Appoint, promote, confirm, discipline and dismiss employees and resolve employment disputes;
  • Assist as appropriate Chief Executive Officers in the performance of their functions relating to the management of their Ministries;
  • Determine the respective designations and other terms and conditions, including the remuneration, for employment for employees subject to the approval of Cabinet;
  • Manage and mitigate disputes and grievances;
  • Promote, uphold and ensure adherence to the merit principle in the selection of persons as, and the promotion and transfer of employees;
  • Regularly consult stakeholders on matters regarding the interests of the employees;
  • Determine practices and procedures relating to the recruitment and appointment of persons as employees, the promotion of employees and the employment, transfer, secondment, redeployment, discipline and termination of employment of employees and any other matters relating to human resource management;
  • Assess or undertake, in consultation with the relevant Minister, an annual performance review of the Chief Executive Officers;
  • Consult with and advise Chief Executive Officers in relation to the development and application of appropriate human resource practices and procedures in their respective Ministries;
  • Such other functions as are imposed by or under this or any other Act, or as directed by the Prime Minister.”