PSC Information Article - September - October 2017

Office of the Public Service Commission

PSC Information Article
September - October 2017|Volume 1
"Communication to Connect"

"I am delighted to present to you ‘OUR’ public service community newsletter featuring highlights from across our various Ministries.

Our goal through this quarterly newsletter is to build awareness and generate an appreciation and increased understanding of the work we collectively do and to encourage inter-agency collaboration and sharing. Often, our time and views are limited to, and constrained by, the confines of our Ministry roles. It does not allow us to lift our gaze and to look sideways at how we as different body parts of the Public Service with different functions contribute to the overall goals of the TSDF.

In a nutshell, this newsletter is ‘your’ newsletter – ‘our’ newsletter, featuring your activities in serving the people of Tonga. Be a part of it, share your stories, and let the public know and appreciate the work we do.

With appreciation for a united Public Service"

Dr Lia Maka

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