PMS Information Article - December 2017

Office of the Public Service Commission

PMS Information Article
Volume 24|December 2017
"Our Minimum is Excellence"


Two highlights for December was the final PMS sub‐committee meeting for the 2017 calendar year and the approval by Cabinet for the payment of the Performance Rewards for the 2016/17 FY. The PMS Sub‐Committee Awards highlighted the efforts of line ministries to comply with PMS Processes during the year to ensure that line ministries are on track with the PMS Activities. The last sub‐Committee was held on 7th of December 2017, at the Tungi Colonnade Conference room. It was attended by a total of 35 PMS sub‐committee members from across the Group 1 and Group 2 Line Ministries. On 12 December, 2017, Cabinet approved the PMS outcome reports of the Moderation Groups and the PMS Reward payments for the Tonga Public Service for performance during the 2016/17 FY. The results of all line ministries have been disseminated with the Oversight Moderation Outcome Report pending for January, 2018 dissemination.

Inside this Issue:

1. PMS Sub‐committee Awards

2. Recipients of PMS Excellence Awards

3. Approval by Cabinet for the payment of the PMS Rewards or the 2016/17 FY

4. PMS Mid‐Year Review Reminders

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