PSC Office Information Article - June 2017

 "Our Minimum is Excellence"
Office of the Public Service Commission | Volume 18 | June 2017


  • CEO in the Spotlight
    • CEO for Health - Dr Siale 'Akau'ola
  • Special Guest Feature
    • Tonga Fire & Emergency Services
    • PMS Team - Ministry of Health
  • Activities:
    • PMS Rating Trainings completed
    • PMS Sub-committee for EFY
    • Assistance to Group 1 Ministries
  • PSC tips & reminders:
    • Moderation tips
    • KPI vs. Rating table


Time flies! We are now in the month of June– already half-way through 2017 and the closing of the 2016-17 Financial year! The Office of the Public Service Commission acknowledges the support and assistance afforded to the PSC Office from all Chief Executive Officers, their Deputies, supervisors and staff in the Line Ministries during the month of June. The continued assistance and support from the Line Ministries and relevant stakeholders are truly appreciated. During the month of June, the Office of the Public Service Commission, carried out various activities and tasks as planned in the previous month of May. The spirit of commitment and teamwork enabled us to accomplish our set targets for this month. As such, we wish to share with you this June article to inform, update and hopefully to also inspire you.

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