PSC Office Information Article - May 2017

 "Our Minimum is Excellence"
Office of the Public Service Commission | Volume 17 | May 2017


  • Spotlight on the Attorney Generals Office
  •  Outcome of Outer Island Assistance
  • Completion of Group 1 Preliminary quality check
  • Performance Do’s and Don’ts
  • Reconfirming Performance Rating
  • Workforce Development Activities
  • Performance Improvement Plans
  • PMS End of FY Process


The month of May was dedicated to the remembrance of “Family”. The first three Sundays of the month recognizes the value and importance of;

  1. Adorable Children whom bring joy and pride to their parents
  2. Loving Mothers whom are the very heart and soul of every household
  3. Unforgettable Fathers whom are the reliable foundations that holds the family together.

We pay a special tribute to all the sons, daughters, mothers and fathers in the Public Service whose diligent and selfless services continue to extend the horizons for the Kingdom of Tonga.

During the month, the PSC Office continued its endeavours to carry out the activities and tasks prior planned for in the previous month of April. We invite you to explore the latest edition of the PSC Office’s Information Article which is filled with exciting facts and updates.


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