PMS Article for March 2017

 "Our Minimum is Excellence"
Office of the Public Service Commission | Volume 15 | March 2017


  • Introduction to the March article
  • Main Feature—Ministry of Public Enterprises
  • Tailored 1-2-1 assistance
  • Induction for New PMS Sub-Committee member
  • PARBICA recordkeeping for Good Governance
  • Planned Activities for April, 2017
  • Policy Tips & Contact Details 


As elaborated upon under the February, 2017 article, the month of March was dedicated to providing 1-2-1 support to line ministries following the Quality Check process of the PMS Mid-Year Review results as submitted to the PSC.

Majority of line ministries required 1-2-1 assistance in discussing the gaps which were identified in their Quality Check report and this was provided by the PMS Team of the PSC Office. The result of the PMS Mid-Year Review of Line Ministries was also reported to the Public Service Commission which culminated in PSC Decision No. 152 of 24 March, 2017 which approved the following;

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