PMS Information Article - February 2017

"Our Minimum is Excellence"
Office of the Public Service Commission | Volume 14 | February 2017


February was a busy month for the Performance Development Division as it focused on the quality check process for the Performance Management System (PMS) MidYear Review results in accordance with the Performance Development Framework. Prior to the commencement of the Quality Check process of the PSC Office, the bimonthly PMS SubCommittee meeting was convened on 02 February, 2017 to ensure common understanding of the process.

This included:

  • The responsibility of line ministries in coordinating and availing their staff for the quality check
  • The responsibility of the PSC Office to ensure that the quality check is performed
  • The responsibility of the PSC Office to ensure that feed back is provided to line ministries on any identified gaps

The PSC Office extends its gratitude to line ministries for their support in facilitating the quality check process of the PMS MidYear results.



  • Spotlight on the Ministry of Revenue and Customs (Customs Division)
  • PMS Subcommittee meeting No. 4 / 201617FY
  • PMS MidYear Results Quality Check
  • PMS 121 Consultation on Quality Check Outcome
  • Common issues across Line Ministries
  • APRA Working Group

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