PMS Information Article - January 2017

"Our Minimum is Excellence"
Office of the Public Service Commission | Volume 13 | January 2017

The PSC Office and its PMS Team would like to wish all the Line Ministries and relevant stakeholders a Happy New Year.  2017 is the year of the Rooster in the Chinese Calendar and the lucky color for 2017 is yellow. The Rooster symbolizes punctuality, honesty and diligence, and we wish to carry on this spirit in our work efforts for 2017. 



  • New CEO’s undergo Induction
  • Line Ministries Quarterly report submissions
  • Analysis of Line Ministry Quarterly reports
  • MAFFF status check re-evaluation
  • Rating Training for PMO
  • PMS Information Sessions for MFA and MIA
  • PMS Consultations with Fisheries and Justice
  • PMS Assistance for HMAF
  • PSC Office Farewell

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