PMS Information Article - September

PMS Information Article - September

"Our minimum is Excellence"

The month of September, 2016 commenced with PMS Awareness Trainings provided for the Department of Prisons in response to confirmation by the Commissioner of Prisons of assistance required.

The initial assistance had been provided to the Supervisory levels of the Department of Prisons on 11 August, 2016 and the awareness trainings scheduled were a continuation of the initial assistance provided.

The PMS Team took part in a General meeting on 05 September, 2016 with the Commissioner of Prisons, his Deputies, senior officers and Prisons Officers on the purpose of the PMS Awareness Trainings scheduled.

Assistance to the Department of Prisons took place on the 05 to 08 of September, 2016 spanning four (4) workshops involving its five divisions (Task Force, Custodial, Industrial, Female and Administration). This consisted of a total attendance of sixty two (62) employees including the Commissioner of Prisons.

The awareness sessions concluded with a short test at the end of each session and an overall outcome report provided to the Department of Prisons on the issues raised during the sessions together with a recommendation on the way forward for the Department of Prisons.

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