Performance Management System Article - August 2015

Output 5 of the PSC Office pertaining to the Performance Management System reads as follows:


 “Facilitate a government wide understanding of the use of Performance Based Systems and its competencies for decision making and development of a performance based Public Service”


 The priority of the Division for the month of August 2015 was to provide line Ministries with on-site assistance to ensure that they are able to successfully implement the Performance Management System as per the Commission’s directions.  


 As such, the following provides a brief outline of the activities carried out by the Performance and Contract Management (PCM) Division in the month of August 2015;



$1.    PMS Random Interviews

As per the approved Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (IMER) schedule, once line Ministries have signed their JDs and PMS Forms and completed their 1-2-1 consultations, the PCM Division conducts a random interview of their subordinate and supervisory levels. Following an analysis of these interviews, an outcome report is forwarded to the Ministry with recommendations on the gaps in their implementation process.


 Once the Ministry has confirmed that they have addressed the recommendations in the outcome report, the PSC Office interviews the CEO and its outcome is submitted to the Commission.


 Although this is a crucial step in the PMS Process, it was an extremely challenging task in light of the shortage of staff in the Division and the relative size of the Ministries which had yet to implement the PMS. Seven (7) ministries had confirmed to the PSC Office that they had completed their 1-2-1 sessions, and the Division carried out the random interviews at the subordinates, supervisors and CEO levels.


$1.1   Summary of the Random Interviews for Subordinates/Supervisors/CEOs

A summary of the random subordinate, supervisors & CEO interviews are provided hereunder;




Subordinate Interview

Supervisor Interview

CEO Interview

  1. 1.    Ministry of Commerce and Labour




  1. 2.   Ministry of Finance and Planning




  1. 3.   Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade




  1. 4.   Ministry of Internal Affairs




  1. 5.   Office of the Public Relations Commission




  1. 6.  Palace Office




  1. 7.   Prime Minister’s Office








$2.     PMS On-site Assistance to line Ministries

Following the commencement of the new FY 2015/16, the PCM Division made it an immediate priority to progress the implementation of PMS in those line Ministries which have yet to do so. Given the limited staffing capacity of the PCM Division, the on-site assistance could only be provided to one Ministry at a time.

This assistance ranged from reviewing JDs, transitioning JDs to the PMS Form to sitting in as an observer during the Ministry’s 1-2-1 consultation between supervisor and subordinate. This assistance puts line Ministries in a position to successfully implement the PMS and so they can proceed further with their PMS schedule.

The on-site assistance provided in the month of August 2015 to line Ministries were as follows;

Name of Ministry

Period of on-site assistance

PMS Assistance provided

  1. 1.    MFAT

3 August, 2015

1-2-1 consultation observation

  1. 2.   Palace Office

5 August & 10 August, 2015

1-2-1 consultation observation

  1. 3.   MEIDECC

11 August, 2015

PMS Awareness Training for Internal PMS Unit

  1. 4.   MoFNP

25 August, 2015

Special training request for Planning Division

$3.     PMS Activities Planned for September 2015

In order to maintain the positive momentum of the PMS Implementation throughout the Public Service, the PCM Division’s work plan for September, 2015 includes the following;

-         Provide on-site assistance for MET and MEIDECC as may be required;

-         Complete the Pre-Implementation checks for the Ministries abovestated to confirm their Implementation status

-         Provide relevant PMS Trainings as requested by line Ministries (e.g. PMS Awareness Training, Recap Training, Supervisor Training etc);

-         Implement the rollout of PMS in the Outer Islands (i.e. Vava’u and ‘Eua initially);

-         Convene the 1st PMS sub-committee meeting for the FY 2015/16;

-         Continually follow-up progress of PMS in line Ministries and assist where necessary.

The PCM Division is committed to assisting line ministries over the coming months as necessary.