(Updated: 16 July, 2014)

Output 5 of the PSC Office pertaining to the Performance Management System reads as follows:

"Facilitate a government wide understanding of the use of Performance Management System (PMS) and its competencies for decision making and development in the public service"

In light of the above, the PSC Office forwarded a submission to the Public Service Commission proposing activities to facilitate implementation of the Performance Management System across the Public Service. The Commission's direction was approved through Public Service Commission Decision (PSCD) No. 61 of 14 February 2014.

In accordance with the above stated PSCD, the PSC Office carried out the following:
(1) Set up of a PMS Sub-Committee consisting of senior manager(s) from line Ministries who were nominated by their respective CEO;
(2) Scheduled a recapitulation of PMS Awareness Trainings to be provided to all government ministries and agencies.


(i) PMS Sub-Committee Meetings: (Click To View Schedule)
A total of three (3) PMS Sub-Committee meetings were convened between the months of March and June 2014 (i.e. 06 March, 17 April & 22 May, 2014). The purpose of the above meetings was to discuss the following issues:

  • PSCD No. 61 of 14 February, 2014;
  • Schedule for PMS Awareness Trainings;
  • PMS Reporting to the Commission;
  • Supervisor Trainings;
  • Random JD Checks & Random Interviews ;
  • Sharing of PMS experiences/challenges and
  • Monthly progress of PMS Project.

(ii) PMS Trainings
As from March to 30 June, 2014 the PSC Office completed the following;
(1) A total of forty-two (42) PMS Awareness Trainings provided across 14 line Ministries/Agencies with a total of 655 participants and
(2) Eleven (11) Supervisor Trainings across 8 line Ministries/Agencies with a total of 92 participants. The aim of this training was to emphasize the importance of the monitoring and evaluation aspect of the Performance Management System.

After the Supervisor Training was provided, the PSC Office continued on to conduct its Random Interview and Job Description Checks for line ministry employees. The purpose of this exercise was to;

(i) ensure that each employee has a Job Description (in anticipation of the Remuneration Structure Review and PMS Implementation) and
(ii) to reconfirm status of the "one-to-one" consultation on the JD between the Supervisor and the employee and to gain an understanding of the awareness, knowledge of and perception of PMS at the individual employee level.

pms1The outcome of the above confirmed the following;

  •  Majority of employees have Job Descriptions, although the one-to-one consultations with their Supervisor is lacking;
  • Majority of employees understand the linkage between the Corporate Plan/Job Description & Performance Management;
  • Majority of employees understand what PMS seeks to address;
  • Majority of employees support the implementation of the Performance Management System.

(iii) PMS Reporting (Click To View Details)
At the meeting of the PMS Sub-Committee in April, 2014, a PMS Reporting Template designed by the PSC Office was disseminated to line ministries to assist in the preparation of their reports to the Commission.

The PMS Reporting template assisted the PSC Office in the preparation of its final submission to the Commission in June, 2014 on the outcome of PMS activities in line ministries. Following consideration of the final report from the PSC Office, the Commission approved that the Performance Management System be implemented across all government ministries and agencies with effect from 01 July, 2014 and to be reviewed after the initial six (6) months following implementation.

A monitoring, evaluation and reporting schedule was also approved by the Commission to guide line ministries with PMS implementation.

All Chief Executive Officers were further directed to provide a quarterly report to the Public Service Commission on the status of PMS implementation during the first (1st) year of implementation as follows;


  • 10 October, 2014
  • 23 January, 2015
  • 10 April, 2015
  • 22 June, 2015;

The above directions were conveyed to line ministries at the meeting of the PMS Sub-committee on 10 July, 2014.

Moving forward, the PSC Office will continue to work closely with line ministries to monitor its PMS activities for reporting to the Public Service Commission on a quarterly basis.